Tiburón Island

The island Tiburón or island of the Tiburón (Tahéjöc / taʷxʷk / in the Seri language) is a Mexican island, the largest of the Gulf of California and has an area of ​​1208 km². Administratively, it belongs to the state of Sonora, specifically to the municipality of Hermosillo, and is located at approximately the same latitude as Hermosillo.

The island is uninhabited, except for a military installation located in the eastern part of the island. It is managed as an ecological reserve by the government of the seris, in conjunction with the Federal government.

In previous centuries, the island was inhabited by three groups (“bands”) of the Seris: Tahejöc comcaac, heeno comcaac and xiica Hast ano coii (in one part). This island is for the seris a sacred site, since they consider the island like the cradle of Seri people.

The nearest community is Punta Chueca (Socáaix in the Seri language), from where you can reach the island. This community is mainly inhabited by fishermen and Seri people.

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