Cerro Gordo’s Gravity Hill

In the middle of a suburb in Leon, Mexico, there is a hill that defies the law of gravity.  (As seen in Atlas Obscura)


Or so it seems. The phenomenon works like this: When drivers put their cars into neutral on Cima del Sol Street, rather than rolling downwards like one might expect the vehicle will creep uphill. The same goes for water spilled on the pavement and marbles set on the road—they all mysteriously roll up, rather than down.


Gravity Hills that appear to defy the law of gravity exist around the world. In the past it was believed these gravitational anomalies occurred because of magnetic forces, electrical currents, even paranormal intervention from ghosts or aliens. Ultimately though, all gravity hills and mystery spots have been revealed to be mere optical illutions. What looks like uphill is actually downhill, but the mind is tricked by clues in the surroundings like a distorted horizon line.


Even with a completely logical explanation for the phenomenon, it’s fun to to be able to deceive your own perception. When driving on Cima del Sol Street, about 100 feet before Campestre Boulevard, put your car into neutral and watch in awe as it creeps uphill. If you want to know more about this interesting phenomenon, go deeper and visit: 12 Bewildering Hills Where Gravity Seems to Work in Reverse

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