C4i4 Bunker

Mexico City has the “most advanced intelligence center in the world”, as discussed at the time by the head of the Federal District Government, Marcelo Ebrard, who inaugurated on October 25, 2011.

This is C4i4: Center for Control, Command, Communication and Computation, Intelligence, Research, Information and Integration.

The C4i4 is a high security bunker located on Avenida Cecilio Robelo, in the delegation Venustiano Carranza, which aims to generate actions to combat crime, reaction of emergency bodies to disasters and research tasks.


At least 1,000 people work directly with the center. It concentrates all the databases of the local government and is integrated to the Platform Mexico of the federal government. In total, 47 local, federal and private dependencies converge. The intelligence section has the areas of research, analysis and statistics, among others.

It condenses the images of 13 thousand cameras installed in public parks, stations and wagons of the System of Collective Transport Metro, platforms and trucks of the Metrobús, trains, trolleybuses and streets.

The latter can capture images of what happens on the terraces, roofs, patios, corridors and gardens of private homes. They have sensors for detecting auto plates and gunshots.

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