Yohualichan (in Nahuatl: yohualli, ichan, ‘night, house’ ‘The house of the night’)? Is an archaeological site located in Cuetzalan del Progreso,  within the Mexican state of Puebla.

The people of Cuetzalan report that the origin of “Los Voladores de Papantla” (Papantla’s fliers) is actually Yohualichan, and not the town in Veracruz. In any case the origin of the city has in common the Toltec tradition from which the famous fliers are detached.

The first settlements were created by totonacas coming from El Tajín near the year 200 d. C. – at the beginning of the classic period, its time of splendor is calculated near the year 600, was populated by its original inhabitants until the year 800.

At the beginning of the postclassic period there were clashes between various cultures by the fertile lands of Yohualichan.

Towards the year 900 were established Toltec groups that were present until the year 1200, in which the Chichimecas dominated the zone. From this time the decline of Yohualichan occurs.

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