Nuclear Bomb at Wassaw Sound Bay

Wassaw Sound Bay is the location of a hydrogen bomb lost by a B-47 Stratojet bomber in 1958. This lost hydrogen bomb is also known as the Tybee Bomb.

On the night of February 5, 1958 a B-47 Stratojet bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb on a night training flight off the Georgia coast collided with an F-86 Saberjet fighter at 36,000 feet. The collision destroyed the fighter and severely damaged a wing of the bomber, leaving one of its engines partially dislodged.

The pilot dropped it in the sea on the outskirts of the city of Savannah, Georgia, by Wassaw Sound Bay. The Navy searched for the bomb for months, but never managed to recover it. Richardson dropped the bomb into the shallow waters of Wassaw Sound, near the mouth of the Savannah River, a few miles from the city of Tybee Island, where he believed the bomb would be swiftly recovered.

Although the Air Force and the plane’s exile deny that the bomb contained plutonium, the testimony of an Assistant Secretary of Defense to Congress in 1966 would reveal that the bomb was a “complete weapon” and had a nuclear capsule carrying both uranium Such as plutonium.

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