Nisargadatta Maharaj Loft

This was where Nisargadatta Maharaj lived. The room where the discourses were given was a loft above the family living area. A small room around 10’x20′. One must climb a narrow and steep staircase to get to it. Today some of his relatives live here. The popular landmark for the building is a public toilet opposite to it.


Nisargadatta gave talks and answered questions at his humble flat in Khetwadi, Mumbai, where a mezzanine room was created for him to receive disciples and visitors.

This room was also used for daily chantings, bhajans (devotional songs), meditation sessions, and discourses. Maharaj lived as an ordinary man, and only a very few people in the neighborhood know that such a great sage lived here.

Nisargadatta Maharaj continued to receive and teach visitors in his home, giving discourses twice a day, until his death on 8 September 1981 at the age of 84, of throat cancer

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