Cristo Rey Funeral Home

In a corner of the Barrio Arriba in Leon, Mexico, many years ago, a fact that shook the population of those times occurred. Neighbors witnessed a supernatural event in the eighties, at the funeral home “Cristo Rey”.

As they say, a corpse rested in a coffin, the place was lonely, because no one from his family or friends went to accompany him on the evening.


The fact is that there was a terrible fire that consumed the body, the coffin and everything that was in the place. The events could have related to an accident like: a candle falling on a carpet, a drunken watchman, dry wood caskets, etc.

Began to run another version: the man in the coffin was a black sorcerer, a magician who dealt with the dark forces, which is why he had not been accompanied by his family during his funeral. A demon would have come to take the man who lay there and the forces of evil had opened a hole from hell, which caused the great fire. The thing is that for many years the uninhabited place remained, scorched by the fire and nobody wanted to approach the place.

Until, according to the legend, in the 1990s some priests of the Leon’s Bishopric, came to bless the place because rumors of demon’s apparitions did not cease.

Directorate of Public Works of the Municipality, carried out the demolition of the ruins known as “corner of the devil”,  because it represented a serious danger for passers neighbors of the street, since it was an old construction of adobe in any moment could collapse and could cause an accident. Today a new house is built there, no news from demonic apparitions yet.


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