Toniná is located on the border between high and lowlands, it gives it unique characteristics, it is strategically located at the western end of the Maya area, in one of the highest parts of the Ocosingo valley, which Toniná undoubtedly had its capital important.

The Acropolis of Toniná, the central staircase with its 260 steps, which crosses the seven platforms and the 13 temples in the cusp. A pyramid of 74 meters in height, larger than that of the Sun in Teotihuacan, is explored by specialists of the National Institute of Anthropology (INAH) in the acropolis of Toniná, Chiapas, which is 1700 years old.

The territory of the Toniná has two major constructive spaces: the great platform delimited by an architectural barrier and the pyramidal structure of seven large platforms and 260 steps. The main access is to the south of the large platform; The ritual entrance is through the court of the ball game, a structure that has two monumental stairs in its heads, and by the access to the north one arrives at the altar of the sacrifices.

At the southern end of this great platform is located the Temple of War, which in front of its north facade has five altars with discs and stelae. To the north another set of five altars is repeated, and in the background stands the great pyramidal structure of seven levels, eight palaces, 13 temples, a public square, located on the sixth platform, where altars and a temple were placed for the dance. The entire architectural complex was a kind of theater where the myths were recreated through the history of Toniná.

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