Flans’ No Controles Music Video Location

The 80s’ were the genesis for the cinematographic language in Mexico, let us concentrate on the Flans with their music video: No Controles.

The video is fun, Ilse and Mimi come out of classy housekeepers attending to Ivonne who is capricious with her “No Controls” in a rather cute apartment, like dollhouse, pink like the very eighties.

During the video, the Flans were demolished and had a very good time during the filming.


The location was in that building in Insurgentes in front of Cuicuilco pyramid, where today you can still see the plastic palm trees that remind us of the palm trees that came with the Barbie pool.


Kudos to who has done the art design of the video, because he/she did a good job, not excellent but good, considering Flans settled trends in that time.

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