Valley of the Enigmas

Located in the southern area of ​​Jalisco, in the town of Tapalpa, for years this place that gathers colossal rocks has attracted to people who wonder how they arrived there those enormous stones; there is no logical explanation.

Las Piedrotas, (big stones) as people commonly call them, is a place with several monolithic rocks of great size, from whose origin there are several hypotheses.

The most widespread among the inhabitants of Tapalpa are those that speak of meteorites that fell at this point thousands of years ago.

Another theory says that the rocks were underground and were uncovered due to weathering and running water.

There are some legends like the one that says there is a very powerful energy center. It has become very popular during the equinoxes, as well as archaeological zones. The truth is that Las Piedrotas is a place that has been occupied since prehistory.

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