The Light of the World Headquarters

The Church of the Living God Column and Support of Truth «The Light of the World», or simply The Light of the World, is a Christian organization with international headquarters in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. According to their beliefs, this is the true church founded by Jesus Christ in the first century, restored on April 6, 1926 by the Mexican religious Eusebio Joaquín González.

The Light of the World has been criticized for practices typical of religious sects, planning, organizing, directing and controlling the lives of people inside and outside the church. The managers of the day, are responsible for realizing the consecrations of the morning. Whenever problems arise or anomalies are reported to the managers or managers to draw attention to them according to the doctrine of the organization.


Religious sectarianism within women is through the caretakers, who control the exits of the colonies, grant permits to work, conduct studies, have a dating relationship or marry, solve the problems of marriage, control visits, family planning, birth control and medical care.

The church considers itself like the true religion, the only legitimate church, reason why its relation with other Protestant denominations is null and are considered sects.





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