La Llamarada Brewery

Barrio Arriba has provided important socio-cultural manifestations and elements of identity to the people of León, Mexico. In the corner that formed  Hermanos Aldama and Amado Nervo streets in Barrio Arriba,  a good man undertook the construction of a little house where he would live with his lover. But the luck did not smile to him, because his future wife fell in bed victim of a rare disease, soon she died.

One night, it occurred to him to take a look to his house under construction , which he abandoned ten years before; suddenly a strong glow from the walls struck him sharply. He thought the place was on fire, but entering he found nothing. The next day at night he returned and found the same sight: a bright light of flame that continued for several weeks.

Barrio Arriba has being the scenario of several ghostly/demonic apparitions and many will-o’-the wisps or ignis fatuus, local people says it is because of the gases produced by the money buried in the old houses, which attracted treasure hunters from all over the world.

Folklore explains will-o-the-wisp to be witches or ghosts whom transformed into these lights. The reason for this, however, varies according to the region. Another explanation refers to the lights as indicators to places where gold or hidden treasures are buried which can be found only with the help of children, in this one they are called luces del dinero (money lights) or luces del tesoro (treasure lights).

The glow was not seen again, however the place began to be known as the Corner of the Flare, where today a brewery is called, of course, The Flare. (La Llamarada)


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