La Bufa Clouds’ Balcony

After a long walk, reaching the highest place on the hill is rewarding, the view you get from this place is spectacular.

In Mexico there is a favorite place to see one of the best shows of mist and clouds, it is in the town of Jalisco, San Sebastián del Oeste, in the Sierra Madre Occidental, just two hours from Puerto Vallarta.

One of its attractions, as we said, is its viewpoint known as La Bufa, located on the top of the hill with the same name. The ascent to the lookout point is usually done by the hand of locals who will take you there, then cross on foot a zone of forest inhabited by fog; there the notion of time is lost, the images fade.

Then you arrive at the viewpoint, it is possible to even see the Bay of Banderas in a clear day. Above all, in the afternoon, the mist runs like water, and covers the horizon like a huge mantle; everything down is fog, and you, you float a little.


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