Valle de Santiago’s Lake Monster

Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, a wonderful place where the mysteries arise as guided by a magical or divine hand that links the past with the present and sends some signal for the future and it is in this small piece of land where in one of its seven Volcanic craters have been found vestiges of extinct animals.

Everything has been interesting through Valle de Santiago’s history; Valle de Santiago has been the scene of UFO sightings, encounters of all kinds with extraterrestrial beings, supernatural phenomena, monsters in their lakes, Marian images in different objects, giant vegetable crops and a Chaman that “makes” rains in desert areas.

Rincón de Parangueo Crater due to its proximity is the most visited volcano, around it locals have been knitting several legends, one of them, is that the lake has no bottom, that is connected to the sea through a subterranean river, that several divers had been “swallowed” and never returned because there was living a prehistoric monster in the depths of the lake crater.

Today again, we are surprised because in this Crater have been found fossil remains of extinct animals from the remote past between the walls of what was a lake and believed to have been a marine animal like a Plesiosaurus.

The vestige seems to be part of the spine is approximately 75 centimeters long and fourteen in width and it was cut off from crater’s wall so it is only a matter of continuing digging to find the other parts and know exactly what it is.


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