Paco Stanley Murder Site

Charco de las Ranas Taqueria, located in Periférico Sur in the Mexican capital,  was the setting where Paco Stanley was murdered when a hitman fired 20 shots to the truck when he was leaving the taco shop. Also, an insurance agent who passed through the area was wounded,  and Jorge Gil, Paco’s companion, was also killed.

Mexico City was paralyzed, the transmissions from the most important tv channels of the country were linked, covering the events that occurred a few meters away from its facilities (both are in the south of the city).

Some voices called for the resignation of the first Head of Government, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, and demanded a halt to insecurity. It was thought that the murder had been an assault.

The Attorney General’s Office soon established a line of investigation, Paco was executed by the leader of the Cartel de Colima, who instructed a gunman to kill him, he did it with the permission of Mario Bezares, Paco’s sidekick, along with the aide-tv show, Paola Durante. Bezares stayed in the bathroom of the restaurant because he had stomach ache, he was not present in the shooting.

However, years later, the “culprits” were released from jail because they could never be shown to have links to the facts. There is no one in prison for the murder.

Stanley served as a lender in the purchase of real estate, in addition to sharing the family doctor: the famous Carlos Ávila Mergel, a member of the group of surgeons who, a year later, underwent a liposuction and plastic surgery operation that, officially, led to death to the lord of the heavens: the great capo Amado Carrillo.


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