Lady Oxxo’s Guaymas Oxxo Shop

The eyes of the Mexico prostrate in Guaymas, thanks to the photos filtered by a jealous girlfriend, where it exhibited to a worker of an Oxxo shop, completely naked.

According to the story told by the same affected, in social networks, notes that those photos were published as a sign of revenge, as the ex-boyfriend kept looking for her.

#LadyOxxo, was a viral issue within social networks, since it has generated interest, knowing the intimate photographs of the young, plus the jealous girlfriend and the man in dispute.

From virtual portals, to local, regional and now national media, they begin their notes alluding to the fact, with the name of Guaymas, Sonora.

Although, the Port of Guaymas is internationally known for its colorful landscapes and seas, has been overtaken by the morbo of the people, since it is only sought to know the location, the address of the woman in question.



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