La Yerba Buena Sect

In late 1962 and early 1963, brothers Santos and Cayetano Hernandez, a pair of petty criminals, reached the small town of Yerba Buena, a marginalized community in northern Mexico with 50 impoverished and mostly illiterate inhabitants, it is located in the Municipality of Montemorelos, in the State of Nuevo León.


As part of a scam, the brothers proclaimed themselves prophets and high priests of the “powerful and exiled Inca gods”. The brothers demanded worship and tribute from the villagers in exchange for treasures hidden in the caves of the mountains surrounding the village.

Despite the fact that the Incas were historically not from Mexico, many of the inhabitants of Yerba Buena believed the Hernandez brothers’ claims of being Inca prophets. Thus the brothers founded a relatively prosperous sect. In nearby caves, where Inca treasures were allegedly hidden, the brothers organized narcotics-fueled orgies and treated many villagers, both men and women, as sex slaves. However, the villagers began to grow impatient at not seeing their promised treasure.

Faced with possible exposure, the Hernandez brothers traveled to Monterrey in search of prostitutes who would take part in the farce. They eventually made contact with Solís and her brother, who traveled back to Yerba Buena with them. During one of the cave rituals, using a smoke screen, the Hernandez brothers introduced Solís as the reincarnation of an Inca goddess. Solís developed a severe theological psychosis and took over the sect. Under her leadership, their rituals became more grisly and perverse as Solís became enamored with consumption of blood and sadomasochism.

Attracted by the noises and lights coming from the caves, a local boy, 14-year-old Sebastian Guerrero stumbled upon the cult in the midst of a blood ritual. He fled to the closest police station and informed the cops that he had seen a group of murderous vampires preying on ecstasy and gluttonously drinking human blood. His claims were dismissed as that of a wild imagination. The next day officer Luis Martinez humoured Sebastian by returning to the cave with him before he was supposed to drive the boy home. The boy and the cop were never seen alive again.

Now police took the claims seriously. In conjunction with the army they descended on Yerba Buena on May 31. Magdalena and Eleazar were arrested at a farm in possession of a large amount of dope. Santos resisted arrest. The cops shot him for his efforts. Cayetano was assassinated by Jesus as retaliation for his earlier refusal to promote him to High Priest. The rest of the cult barricaded themselves in the caves and engaged in a shootout with the cops. Most of the cultists were shot in the fire fight. Those who were taken alive were eventually sentenced to 30 years for the murders. The Solis siblings were sentenced to 50 years each. Even now the cultists refused to testify against their leaders. The dismembered bodies of the 8 known victims were recovered, some missing their hearts (it is speculated that the actual number of victims is higher).

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