Juanito Statue

Yes, the same sculptor of the statue of Vicente Fox and the Niño Cero , also immortalized Iztapalapa Delegate: Rafael Acosta aka Juanito.

With his characteristic tricolor band and a notebook under his arm, Juanito’s double arrived in Mexico City from Veracruz.

To enhance the fame of this poltician (who, moreover, is like a child loose in candy), the sculptor Bernardo Luis López Artasanchez, the effigy of the aforesaid was thrown. The sculptor said he was inspired by the singular politician for his “desire to overcome” obstacles and achieved his dream: to obtain his high school diploma.

Right now, the statue of Juanito accompanies Real Juanito in his various tours, like a  bronze mini-me. Soon it will be installed in the Iztapalapa delegation.

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