Crooked House

When you go for a walk in Coapa, you can not miss the “casa chueca” (crooked house). It is a dwelling that gives the impression of being inclined 45 degrees, as if someone had turned and nailed it diagonally on the ground. The author of the construction is the architect Humberto Aguilar, graduated from the UNAM in the 64th generation.

About the “casa chueca”, which has no official name, Humberto remembers that it was built in the mid-seventies. It was commissioned by a man named Eligio Salazar, with the indication that he would do “something different”.

Inspired by the natural irregularity of the land, he built the house on a medium level basis. On the outside he placed those pieces of concrete inclined 5 x 5 meters, which in view cause a dizzying sensation.

Although it gave him absolute creative freedom, Humberto says that at first the owner was not entirely satisfied with the result. However, when students of architecture began to interest and even came from TV shows to ask what happened to the house, Eligio already became vain and boasted to everyone.

Today the house is still there, in Prolongation Division of the North 4464, in the Colony Prado Coapa. You can not enter, so we have only to wait for one day to have a party and invite us.

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