San Luis Potosí’s Water Box

San Luis Potosí’s Water Box is a circular structure of neoclassical style, of quarry, between four ornamental masonry with pyramidal roof of tiles that finish in a pineapple of stone.

This Water Box received the water that came down from the spring of the Cañada del Lobo (discovered in 1617) in the Sierra de San Miguelito, through a long aqueduct with some intermediate sources; the Aguador was in charge of supplying the precious liquid to the neighboring families, by means of great mud vessels called “Chochocoles”.

The pillars and chains that surround the monument were placed in 1953, of which Jesus Medina Romero pointed to the impression of being a music box or a feminine toilet object.

The Water Box – also called Conservera-, ith the passing of the years and due to its incomparable style in pink quarry, it became a reference and symbol of the Potosinian capital.

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