Niño Cero Statue

On April 26, 2009, the child Edgar Hernandez was designated as “zero child”, the first AH1N1 influenza patient in the world. From that moment only remains as a memory of a bronze figure, because to date it is not known if the little boy of 5 years, really had that variant of the disease.

‘El niño cero’ – as Edgar was identified in the media – is not really patient zero. Epidemiological analyzes in retrospect proved this. It is impossible to know exactly who was the first infected, but it is believed that in Mexico the first cases were recorded from February and probably in San Luis Potosí.

Much was said about this new virus, because in truth always new and unknown things tend their drop of exaggeration and myth. Several grocery stores were canceled, several flights from Mexico were not allowed, and even some people who had a low degree of intrusion believed that when they got the flu, they would become pigs.

But none of that is true, beloved reader. So if you thought to destroy your stuffed pigs, please do not do it. If you stopped eating bacon, please do not be cruel to the animal. He is not to blame for what happen.

Influenza AH1N1, can be combated following an antiviral treatment (special medicine, such as TAMIFLU). Their lethality is very low. This influenza only manages to kill when it is complicated by pneumonia, is in itself the pneumonia that kills but not the influenza this happens when the patient is weak.

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