Mummies at Lagos De Moreno Cemetery

In Mexico, one of the most emblematic places to visit mummies is the city of Guanajuato, however, Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco, has also given several mummies in the municipality, and these can be visited in the museum of the mummies, located in the Cemetery Municipal. It is an extraordinary cemetery;  for a decade, six of the deceased were found in state of mummification.

The director of the Panteón, Enrique Maldonado, said: “We believe that it is because all day the sun heats the crypts, we believe that the body dries, and do not reach the decomposition, leaving only skin over the bones “.

This peculiar phenomenon has developed mummification, the mummies now have a special place inside the cemetery. A space conditioned for its exhibition. Although it has become a point of attraction for visitors, this place receives a heart visit. Every November, Alberta Rocha, remembers and prays for her niece Francisca who lost her life at the age of 33. Now, she is part of the collection composed by the six mummies from Lagos de Moreno.


Alberta Rocha relates: “She was a very happy girl,  very parrandera and very cheerful” Her children and husband forgot about her: Alberta is the only one who visits her. “It is sad, because people would come to see her and to criticize her, because people leave talking lame comments, It was better that they had not taken her”.

Lagos de Moreno Cemetery, will be open from 8 am to 8 pm and access to the Museum of Mummies is free.

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