Vergel de Bernalejo Megaliths

At the top of the Sierra Gorda in Guanajuato, are large man-made rock momuments called megaliths, an estimated age of 7 to 8 thousands years old, located in the neolithic period.

It is presumed to be a sacred route from the state of Zacatecas that reaches Tula, Hidalgo. In Guanajuato, there are vestiges in San Antón de los Martínez, Vergel de Bernalejo and Jofre, today declared part of the UNESCO Reserve of the Biosphere of the Sierra Gorda of Guanajuato.

In Jofre also exist ceremonial centers and cave paintings. It is believed that ceremonies were made to the Moon on the hill of Chiquihuitillo.

In addition to the huge megaliths, in the Vergel de Bernalejo, on a surface of one kilometer are prehistoric settlements where primitive tools have been found.

A short distance from the Vergel, there is the Bridge of God, a marble arch 25 meters high, created by nature. A stream was eroding the rock, until it formed the present form. There is also a “magnetic zone” in the area and caves with unique stone beds to recharge energy and capricious rock formations


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