Sombrerete’s House where Thomas Alva Edison was Born.

Mexican fringe historians allege that Thomas Alva Edison was born in the town of Sombrerete, district of the same name, Zacatecas State of the Mexican Republic, on February 18, 1848, and not in Milan, Ohio, USA, on February 11, 1847, as Generally stated.

His father was named Samuel Alva Ixtlixóchitl (this second Aztec last name). At that time there were three families with the surname Alva; The Alva-Edison (that of the inventor), the Alva-Arias and the Alva-Santini.

All the data collected both from the local tradition and letters from his compatriots, as well as from other letters from individuals who knew their relatives, are in agreement that Edison was born in Sombrerete.

When he reached the height of his fame as an inventor, his countrymen of Sombrerete, in testimony of admiration for him, as well as civic pride explainable, placed a metal plate, with bronze letters, outside the door of the house where Edison was born, located on Hidalgo Street 19, adjacent to one of the temples of the town and whose editorial says: “In this house was born Tomas Alva Edison on February 18, 1848”.

One thought on “Sombrerete’s House where Thomas Alva Edison was Born.

  1. Manipulate the information has always been used to seize patent inventions and inventors … his real name and how it is written is Tomas ALVA Edison NOT Thomas Edison; Why ALVA disappear? Because it is what is convenient! There are things in history that the US can not change; This is one of them. In Mexico it is Tomas Alva Edison and was born in the state of Zacatecas for more than manipulating the information.


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