Memorial to Victims of Violence

A Memorial is the architectural piece that materializes non-forgetting and remembrance. In the case of the Memorial to the Victims of Violence in Mexico, one of the most important and current issues of Mexican society materializes in architecture: violence.

This is a giant subject and open in time; open to the city and open to the appropriation of citizens, a space in a total relationship to the city and its actors. Violence is suggested in the proposal in two dimensions: the immaterial and the constructed.

The vacuum proposed in the project is the space created between steel walls and trees. This empty or empty space could recall the concept of non-absences and absences of people to remember, and the surfaces of steel walls, rusty or reflective, show that we can lose ourselves, add ourselves, or mutiply ourselves.

In the central space, which is the main space of the monument, there is an 1,200 spm font with an indeterminate shape and open geometry, to remind us that the theme of violence is still open. The fountain is covered with a grating so the visitor can walk on water. Water is life, water is clean and water is healthy.

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