Joysxee Floating Bottle Island

Joysxee Plastic Bottle Island (Joysxee Eco Island) floats on over 250,000 used plastic bottles. It’s resident in ‘Makax Lagoon’, which Richard Sowe calls the ‘womb of the fish’ – on Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

‘Plastic Bottle Floating Island’, it’s  an eco-paradise island, where Richart uses everyday trash to sustain his plastic bottle floating island – and his lifestyle.

After two years of planning, in July 2007, Joysxee was spawned using 10 well preserved bags of bottles in the Laguna Makash, Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres is a lush, carribean fish shaped island 14 kilometers off the coast of Cancun and has a temple dedicated to Ixchel the Mayan goddess of fertility.

From the air, the Laguna Makash can be seen clearly in the position of the fishes womb and Joysxee Island is now taking the shape of a baby fish and is flourishing after five years of incubation. Joysxee is now 25m wide and 30m long, floating completely on plastic bottles.

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