Cueva Grande

Cueva Grande archaeological site is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the municipality of Madera, 280 km away from the city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Departing from the city of Chihuahua, reach Madera city, from there follow the signs to Conjunto Huápoca, continue, pass the bridge that crosses the Papigochi river and start to ascend to the west and then north to reach the entrance of the archaeological site of Cueva Grande.

Nestled in a corner of the mountain, covered by a waterfall, the rocky shelter contains at least nine rooms distributed around a small square that contained two granaries to store corn. Cueva Grande belongs to the archaeological complex of “Casas Acantilado” (Cliff Dwellings).

For its size and location is the closest to the river area. It has a small Atalaya (communication point) from which its foundations can be seen and traced to one side of the parking lot and which functioned as a direct communication post with the Conjunto Huápoca, this site also belongs to the settlements known as “casas acantilado” (Cliff Dwellings), built by migrant peoples from north to south belonging to the Mogollón culture; it had commercial relationships with Paquimé, besides being related to it.

The entrance of the cave  has a waterfall that falls from the top of the cave to a pool and flows downstream. There are two 800-year-old homes that provide good examples of the construction techniques of the time. There is also a round grain storage area behind the structure closest to the mouth of the cave.

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