Chapultepec’s Audiorama

Audiorama, located in Chapultepec, Mexico City, lodged during the pre-Hispanic period, the spectacular cave of Cincalco (cave of the place of corn) that led to the Mictlán, which was considered by the Mexicas as a portal between the world of the living and the dead. The cave is sealed for safety reasons.

In addition they believed that in this hill lived Tláloc, god of the water. According to indigenous sources, Huémac, the last Toltec ruler, took his life in the cave around 1162, after suffering in its own right the decadence and ruin of the Toltec people.

Surrounding the Audiorama you can see the ancient stairs used by the Emperor Maximilian and the Empress Carlota, to leave the castle unnoticed.

The audiorama receives the Nahuatl name “In xochitl, in cuicatl” (in the flower, the song). It was baptized thus by the chronicler Salvador Novo. Its construction dates from 1972.

This space was set up to become a “shelter for lovers of reading”, who, accompanied by their best friends, books, can really get away from the noise that prevails in other sectors of the big city to spend hours of healthy entertainment listening to harmonious music to read. To enjoy surround sound, the venue features 8 speakers strategically placed around benches where people can sit and lie down.


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