Arroyo Seco Cave Paintings

The archaeological site of Arroyo Seco, located in the Municipality of Victoria, in northeastern Guanajuato, is perhaps one of the most important archaeological sites of cave painting in the country. Draws attention by the great amount of graphics that it contains, as well as by the variety and iconographic richness that it presents.

Seating of hunter-gatherers from ancestral times, these societies left shaped in caves, coats and rocky fronts, a great number of pictorial motifs that reflect a fundamental part of their way of life and their cosmovision.

A small stream runs at the foot of the hill, which, like most of those located in this area, is inhabited by a wide flora and fauna.

Apart from the impressive landscape, the hill has a magical and ritual aspect. The people of the place believe firmly in the legend that speaks of the “vigilantes of the paintings”, which are rocky formations that with a little imagination and help of the light, they seem petrified personages that protect the paintings; And on this site there are several of these stone ancestors.

At the top of the hill there are some rock formations of capricious forms related to the observation of the mentioned phenomena. Beside these rocks are seen some “pocitos” of inverted conical form carved in great rocks and aligned with each other.

On the paintings, it is possible to be said that there are four great groups of reasons: anthropomorphous, zoomorphic, calendrical and geometric.

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