La Rumorosa

La Rumorosa is a town located in the extreme north of Baja California, Mexico. Also called a group of hills that flank the town and a natural road that links the localities of Tecate and Mexicali, this road is very busy, and according to experienced drivers, quite dangerous to drive, especially at night. Naturally, large numbers of accidents, mysteries and disappearances have occurred throughout history and the region could not be without its rich legacy of legends and ghosts.

It is said that many years ago a nurse who lived in a nearby town was awakened late at night by a group of neighbors who demanded her presence, because a terrible accident had happened on the highway and her help was of vital importance until the doctors arrived.

The nurse came quickly to the place they had been told, but nothing more was heard of her. Her body was not found and there were no signs of any accidents, so the most fantastic stories began to weave: she had been the victim of a satanic sect dedicated to human sacrifices. Shortly after her disappearance, the sightings of the ghost began, in the form of a nostalgic woman who sits down or walks along the side of the road, or suddenly introduces herself to the terrified drivers in the passenger seat.

Another story tells that when person drives quietly down the Rumorosa road, usually at night, suddenly a young man rides recklessly a bicycle in front of the vehicle. The young man is run over and the person brakes, anguished, thinking that has given a horrible accidental death to a human being. Getting out of the car to help, finding nothing: no young man, no bicycle, no accident.

Believing it to be an hallucination or a visual deception, the march continues, and it is the same for a few kilometers. Again, nothing has happened. The illusion can be repeated several more times. It is conjectured that the young man on the bike was actually run over long ago and that his ghost tries to draw attention to the fact by reiterating the tragic event.


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