Uncle Buffalo Cabin

Tourist traps like this are all around the world, optical illusions to amaze and intrigue. The draw is the mystery, and the mystery is usually gravity, or the lack of it. Proprietors claim their mystery spots sit atop areas where the normal laws of physics don’t apply, and they invite you to experience the phenomena (usually created by rooms built on a slant) by walking up walls or witnessing water flow uphill.

Mystery houses as the Uncle Buffalo Cabin, are essentially rooms or houses built on slants of at least 20 degrees, engineered so that a person standing in the space orients themselves to the slanted room—and not to ground.

Visual cues counter to reality often help convince and disorient, so trees and windows are placed on a slant, and the supposed phenomena is demonstrated by balls rolling up the floor and chairs staying put halfway up a wall.

Undoubtedly, Uncle Buffalo Cabin, is a big Tradition in the visit to the Zoo of Leon, Mexico.. This cabin is surrounded by “mystery and magic”. It tells the story of an old hunter, that due to his little sensitivity towards the animals, he was bewitched and now his cabin is cursed forever.

It is a fun tour in which a guide tell the story along the mistery house that provides almost magical effects.

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