The Obscene Figure

The name of the sculpture is “Figura Obscena” and is a work of the Mexican sculptor José Luis Cuevas. It represents a man prostrate in 3 legs raising the fourth in attitude of marking territory.

Placed in the roundabout of the free highway Colima-Guadalajara in the year 2001 at the request of the then Governor of the State Fernando Moreno Peña. This peculiar creation, which from the beginning of its location caused and continues to cause controversy among the society of Colima, welcomes all the passers-by who come to the city from this road.

The president then explained that when a year before in the municipalities of Colima and Manzanillo, the bronze sculptural exhibition Libertad, a survey was made among visitors and most opined “that the sculpture of Cuevas was the best of all, That the government of this entity asked him to enlarge it to place it in a place very traveled by cars and pedestrians.

In an interview, Margarita Rodríguez, vice president of the Colima Society of Historical Studies, said that the request to relocate the obscene figure is not a whim of a group of intellectuals … He clarified that the association that represents appreciates the aesthetic value of the sculptural piece Of Jose Luis Cuevas, but he does not ignore the “motes” that have given him many colimaes. They say it looks more like an animal that is willing to mark its territory. ”

After 6 years of controversy and clashes between governments, political actors and artists, the Obscene Figure was relocated to the Administrative Complex, just 300 meters from where it currently stands.


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