Otomí-Chichimeca Sacred Triangle

The Otomí-Chichimeca people, settled in the semi-desert zone of the State of Querétaro, in central Mexico, have preserved a set of traditions that testify to their exceptional relationship with the surrounding topography and environment.

Its cultural environment is presided over by the symbolic triangle formed by the Peña de Bernal and the hills of Zamorano and the Fronton. Every year, the Otomí-Chichimecas congregate to go on pilgrimage to these sacred elevations carrying miraculous crosses, in order to ask for rain and divine protection, to venerate their ancestors and to exalt the identity and continuity of their community.

Throughout the year, other community festivities take place, constituting a calendar of celebrations of rites centered on water – an element that is extremely scarce due to the climate of the region – and which exalt the resilience of the Otomí-Chichimeca people.

The rites usually take place in private family chapels consecrated to the worship of the ancestors, or it is manifested by the elevation of the chimneys – temporary structures built with reeds and covered with wild plants – which are offerings and symbols of resistance, Vitality and identity of the community.

The link between spiritual culture and physical space influences the art of the region particularly religious images, mural paintings, dances and music – and the customs that embody this bond are essential components of identity Cultural development of the community.

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