Great Stüpa for the World Peace

A stūpa (Sanskrit) is a funerary monument dedicated to the peace, prosperity and harmony of the world, built on lands chosen especially for their great attributes of magnetic energy concentrated in indistinct areas of the planet. These buildings have symbolized the full development of the human spirit which, as Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha believed, could come to enlightenment, to that unfolding of the maximum potential of the mind through the detachment of its material possessions and constant reflection and / or meditation.

From the Buddha and until our dates, Tibetan pilgrims and other believers are accustomed to give offerings (with flowers, incense and food, especially fruit) to this type of monuments and to meditate around them with simple walks in circle.

Mexico has the largest and oldest stupa in the West, the Great Stupa for World Peace in Valle de Bravo. The building of 36 meters high is immersed in this beautiful landscape that in some mystical way seems to try to hide it, keeping it peaceful and hermetic. Next to it a few hermitages have been built in which Tibetan monks dedicate their life to pray in search of the wisdom.

One of the greatest beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism in relation to the stupa is that its benefits can emanate from it for thousands of years; Its fruits are for all those who hear about it, touch it, admire it, walk around it and pray before it, believe it or not believe it. In addition it is adorned by “prayer flags”, multicolored insignia that are placed in order that the wind shakes them strong until giving off and bring their blessings to many more beings.

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