Yuriria Ladybug Sanctuary

A recently discovered sanctuary where ladybugs were reproduced in Guanajuato, this insect is known to have been considered a gift from heaven because of its habit (both larva and adult) feed on aphids and other agricultural pests. Even farmers release ladybirds to protect crops from pests.

It was found that to reach this sanctuary, located at the top of the mountain range in the boundaries where Jaral del Progreso, Yuriria and Valle de Santiago converge (Guanajuato), you have to walk about 4 hours to reach the exact point. But it is wonderful to see this insect.

It is among the hills bordering Yuriria, along the Angostura, Jaral del Progreso and Valle de Santiago, at the height of the community of El Perico.

It is possible to make an expedition composed of inhabitants of the Angostura, lovers of protecting the flora and fauna of the area, in there you can be in contact with this beetle. It is yellow above, with a single large point on each elastomer (outer protective wing). Both larva and adult larvae eliminate the aphids that invade the plants.

Their striking black and red coloration could make them a vulnerable prey, the two-spot ladybirds are not an exquisite food for predators, who opt for other insects.

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