Berghain is a club that acts as a cathedral of underground electronics for clubbers from around the world, which already has more than 10 years of history behind them. Heir to the Ostgut club, which remained open from 1988 to 2003, is located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain, is known not only for the size of its guests, but also to remove some sexual and social limitations.

Peculiar not only on the inside, but also on the outside, since it is located in the former power station of East Germany. It has been called “Techno World Capital” by many.

The building is impressive: it can host up to 1500 people, is divided into three parts: one part is dedicated exclusively to the gay public (in the basement) while the ground floor Berghain itself and the upper floor known as the Panorama Bar.

It is a non-time place, in fact in the Panorama Bar the windows that have views of East Berlin, never open so that clubbers do not bother by daylight. Therefore, losing the notion of time is very simple there. Sometimes the blinds open for a minute, illuminating faces and faces of fright in exact proportions.

The queues to enter the temple are guaranteed, and as you progress you can see a fierce filter that leaves many of them wanting to stick a tribute in the temple. Such is the fauna and flora that crowds in the queues of Berghain, that some illustrators dedicate part of their work to illustrate said scenes. There is a sample of the Italian Nicola Napoli.

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