Tultepec Fireworks Fair and Market

When we say that Tultepec, Estado de México, is an explosive city, we do not mean precisely because of its nightlife or its entertainment choices.

Since 2002, there have been 24 explosions per pyrotechnics almost every year in Tultepec, with a total of 19 deaths and 199 injuries. But this, not counting the one of this December 20, that already adds 32 deaths, 59 injured … and the number could increase.

“The pyrotechnics give us identity, fun and economic income, is part of our roots, “argued the municipal tourism director, Mayra Denisse Torres Hernandez, who said that after the December 20 crash when the fireworks market exploded, residents of this demarcation hadn’t choice than to go ahead with the pyrotechnics industry.

“Some people show their scars as trophies of war,” says the official, “pyrotechnics give us a lot, give us the party, give us the fun; here in the Fireworks Fair we do not use animals, but the exhibition is about authentic pieces of handicrafts. ”

“In Tultepec, the party must continue,” says Franco Cortés Urbán, a craftsman specializing in the production of figures in papier maché. He reports that at the beginning of February he began to construct the paper-based structure of El Indestructible, a three-meter high bull that will be equipped with 700 rockets.

“El Devorador”, is another bull that enlist a group of at least 20 artisans. It will have more than a thousand rockets and measure 7 meters of height. “We live in a very painful moment, but here the party must continue, because we defy the fire to have fun.”

In addition to the tour of bulls identified as “pamplonada”, craftsmen enlist the burning of castles, giant balloons of cantolla, exhibition of pyromusicals; there will be bands, dance and the organizers hope that the accident of December 20 will not inhibit the arrival of visitors.

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